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Crane tree removal for the tough jobs.

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There are thousands of tornadoes and strong storms that occur during the year. The wind that these natural events bring can cause severe gusts that can
knock over even the biggest trees. There is not a tree too tough for mother nature to knock over. While the bigger trees sometimes can take more damage, once they fall it can become a nightmare trying to clean up the mess. Crane tree removal comes into play when the average equipment

large pine tree fell on houses

just cannot do the job. A tree may be so large that crane tree removal is the only way to successfully get the job done without damage to the property or area that you are working in.

There was one job where this 80 foot tall oak tree had fallen between two homes. The majority of the tree was still hanging on and had not yet snapped.

The base of the tree was too weak to climb or get any men safely by, so we had to get the heavy machinery out. That allowed us to stay within a safe working distance and get the tree down and prevent it from falling into one or both of the homes. Crane tree removal is a great strategy if you need to get a big tree out of a area where it is too risky to work.

Another time when a crane can be used for tree removal is when the tree weighs just too much to move with anything else. Some customers just like to have the tree chipped or ground down, but others just want the entire thing off the property with no mess left behind. Here, the crane might be the only option since the heavy tree cannot be moved any other way. You could use a chainsaw and cut it into smaller pieces, but that is not efficient and you would have to bill the customer more for your time.

80 ton crane lifts half of tree from houses






Overall, crane tree removal has its time and place. It is not for every job and you should weigh cost versus benefit in all removal jobs. Remember, safety should always be the first concern even if it costs more.









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